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Met Office predicts exact date heatwave will hit with 21C hot spell

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Forecasters say temperatures will hit a glorious 21C this week with Brits expected to flock to beaches and countryside in droves.

Sunny skies are expected to bring some hot weather and high temperatures for Brits up and down the country, with reports saying parts of the country will be even hotter than Ibiza.

This Thursday is set to bring some scorching heat, with conditions set to be warmer than those of Saint-Tropez in France and Crete in Greece.

But meteorologists and the Met Office have warned not to expect "wall-to-wall" sunshine, with some southern parts of the country faring far better than those up north.

The South East of England is set to receive the best of the sunshine, with dry and sunny spells predicted for the rest of the country, except for the north and west, who have been warned of rain or showers as the weekend rolls in.

Weather in the north and west should settle down after the weekend, but it seems unlikely that those further up the country will get to revel in the warm weather.

High temperatures are expected to continue into Friday and roll into the weekend for those in the South East of England, The Sun reported.

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Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: "This week is a funny old one. There’s a fair bit of rain and cloud around as well as sunny spells, with many areas gradually warming up until Thursday, which should be the warmest day.

""Between Monday and Wednesday temperatures will sit in the high teens and low 20s in Wales and central and southern parts of England, while eastern Scotland could reach 19C (66.2F).

"But in parts of Northern Ireland, northern England and Scotland there will be cloud and some scattered showers.

Partridge continued: "Thursday will see high teens quite widely across the country, parts of the South East will rise as high as 21C (69.8F), with an outside chance of 22C (71.6F) in areas where there is more sunshine.

"So there's a warm spell in store for many but don't expect the wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies we saw in April."

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Bookies at Coral have cut odds on May being the hottest month of the year to 6-4, with John Hill saying: "Temperatures are going to jump back into the early 20s later this week and that raises the prospects of a record hot May.

"Looking further ahead, we make it odds-on for the summer to be a record-breaker, while the odds have been cut on the highest UK temperature of 38.7C being topped in 2022."

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