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Mexican drug lord ‘caught by dog’ claims ‘prison torture’ after recent arrest

A Mexican drug lord has claimed his arrest and incarceration led to humiliating and isolating treatment including "torture and life-threatening injuries".

Claims filed by a person identified as José Mora León saw the former leader and founder of the Guadalajara cartel Rafael Caro Quintero allege acts of torture carried out against him while in custody.

Quintero, 69, says those within the Altiplano prison treated him poorly and humiliated him through a series of "physical and psychological" torments.

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The lawsuit was brought to the Eighth District Court of Federal Amparo and Trial in Mexico, with a lengthy setlist of alleged crimes committed against Quintero.

Included on the list submitted were claims of "incommunicado detention, segregation, isolation, captivity with physical and psychological torment, mistreatment, abuse of authority, torture and life-threatening injuries".

The horrifying list of allegations comes after the former leader of the Guadalajara cartel managed to stop an extradition attempt, with the new trial preventing his move.

Until the list of allegations is resolved, it would seem Quintero is safe from being extracted to the United States – where he is wanted for the murder of Enrique Kiki Camarena.

The murder of Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, occurred in 1985, BorderlandBeat reported.

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The notorious drug lord was captured and arrested earlier last month in a military operation that left 14 people dead.

Quintero was caught by a search dog named Max, with the pooch finding the drug lord cowering in the bushes – hiding in the shrubbery of San Simon, Sinaloa.

Daily Star reported the capturing of the notorious Mexican drug lord, which left 14 dead in a tragic helicopter crash near the city of Los Mochis.

Quintero had previously spent 28 years behind bars but was released in 2013 due to a technicality from a judge who overturned his 40-year sentence for the kidnap and killing of Camarena.

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