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Mia Khalifa’s ‘not so guilty pleasure’ that could land her in prison in the UK

Former Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa made a stark revelation last night on Instagram.

The OnlyFans model has been in Europe over the past few weeks – first in Italy for Milan Fashion Week and more recently in France for Paris Fashion Week.

During those visits she gave a number of interviews to camera and yesterday (Thursday, March 2) she shared one of her cheekier responses on Instagram.

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In the clip she was asked what her guilty pleasure was. If she were to partake in it in some countries – including the UK – she could actually get in trouble with the law.

Mia said: "Weed. I don't feel too guilty about it though."

She has made no secret of her love of the wacky baccy in the past.

Last month she showcased a very practical piece of bling – a ring designed to hold joints – while paying Los Angeles a visit in a smoking-hot Instagram post.

Mia's home state of Maryland has decriminalised cannabis and in July of this year a new law will make possession of under an ounce-and-a-half completely legal.

However, the drug remains a class B controlled substance in the UK, meaning Mia would potentially risk jail time of up to five years should she indulge in her vice here.

Mia is not alone in being partial to a puff, with some 7% of Brits admitting to regularly skinning up.

Across the pond, there is a growing movement to fully decriminalise cannabis, with 21 states having made recreational use legal.

Mia has been visiting Paris this week for a fashion show with luxury brand Acne.

She even hinted at another controlled substance in a tongue-in-cheek reference to magic mushrooms after the event late last night.

"Thank you for transporting us to this magical enchanted forest, I’m obsessed with the tattered, mossy, whimsical things we get to wear this fall, every one of the pieces in the collection made me want to do mushrooms with a fairy," she said.

The globetrotting star is never in one place for very long and seems to have a penchant for visiting Europe – especially the UK and France.

Residents of Kent were last year delighted when the former adult star visited their town.

Going full Brit mode, she went to the seaside, and even posted snaps of her eating a full English breakfast – even seeming to enjoy black pudding.

She also made a number of good-natured jibes about British weather but and was seen aboard an open top bus in true tourist style.

She also told fans on her way over to the UK that she changed out of a pair of wellies on a flight as "London has the best style in the world".

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