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Michael Jackson fanatics SUE superstar’s ‘victims’ Wade Robson and James Safechuck for ‘sullying his memory’ with Leaving Neverland claims

MICHAEL Jackson fans are suing his alleged victims for "lynching" the singer in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Three fan clubs are accusing Wade Robson and James Safechuck of "sullying" Jackson's memory by claiming that the star sexually abused them as kids.

The Michael Jackson Community – which claims to be the "official fan club forum" for the "King of Pop" — and the MJ Street and On The Line are taking legal action, the groups' lawyer told AFP.

It comes after Jacksons' children said they were also considering taking legal action against the two men in the wake of the disturbing film.

The case will heard by a court in Orleans in northern France in July, reports


Lawyer Emmanuel Ludot, who has previously successfully sued Jackson's doctor for causing distress to his fans by giving him the drugs that killed him, said the groups "want to discredit the accusations of paedophilia" against the entertainer.

He said the "indignity of the extremely grave accusations" made by Robson and Safechuck in "Leaving Neverland" had sullied Jackson's memory.

The lawyer also said Jackson's image had been affected by the allegations as well as "the whole community of his fans".

Leaving Neverland has broken streaming records in Britain since it aired on channel 4 earlier this month.


James Safechuck and Wade Robson gave graphic accounts of how the King of Pop allegedly groomed and sexually abused them in the two-part film.

Viewers were left feeling sick as Australian-born Wade, now 36, claimed he was abused from the age of seven to 14 by Jackson at his Neverland ranch.

James’s story was shockingly similar, with allegations Jackson introduced him to masturbation and porn and later married him in a faux wedding ceremony, lavishing him with gold and diamond jewellery in return for sexual favours.

In 2014, French lawyer Ludot won nominal damages of one euro (86 pence) from Jackson's personal doctor Conrad Murray for the hurt he'd inflicted on the star's fans for his part in his death.

Murray was jailed for four years for manslaughter for giving Jackson what turned out to be a lethal dose of the anaesthetic drug propofol to help him sleep.

Jackson, who died in 2009, strongly denied all allegations of sexual abuse made against him.

His estate has vehemently denounced the documentary.

After viewing the film at the Sundance Festival, the estate called the documentary “tabloid character assassination”.

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