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Migrants land in Dover as number crossing Channel this year tops 1,000

Dozens more migrants arrive in Dover as number crossing English Channel in first month of the year tops 1,000 after nearly 46,000 landed in whole of 2022

  • The number of people making the journey is broadly in line with this time in 2022
  • People traffickers organising Channel crossings raked in £183million last year 

Dozens of migrants have crossed the English Channel today bringing the number who have made the journey in the first month of this year above 1,000.

Around 50 men, women and children were brought into Dover earlier today by the UK Border Force after attempting to make the crossing.

With three days of January left to go, at least 991 people were confirmed to have made the perilous journey to reach the southern shores of Great Britain.

This means crossings are broadly keeping pace with this time last year, which saw 1,341 people enter the UK via this route in January 2022.

Dozens of migrants were pictured being brought into Dover, Kent, by Border Force officials on Sunday morning

Around 50 migrants attempted to make the crossing today, bringing the total for the month so far above 1,000


Photos taken at the Port of Dover this morning show Border Force officials helping migrants wearing life jackets and wrapped in towels onto land.

They were brought in by Border Force vessel Typhoon after being found on small boats in the Channel.

It comes a day after 26 people from one small boat were brought in by the Border Force, which has been running patrols in the area for years. 

So far this year there have only been a small number of days where migrants have crossed the Channel, with most being brought in on January 22, and January 25 – on these days 442 and 373 people, respectively, were brought into Dover.

At least 1,000 are known to have crossed the Channel so far this year – compared to 1,341 who arrived during the entirety of last January. Last year saw a record 45,728 migrants cross the channel, well up on the 28,381 who did so in 2021.

It comes as it was revealed in The Mail On Sunday that activists for charities are ‘continually frustrating’ French authorities in their attempts to stop the crossings.

Charities funded by well meaning Briton’s, who think they are donating towards hot meals and warm clothes for migrants, are actually being used to follow French police and reveal their activities and locations in footage available to people smugglers.

The charities say they are monitoring police to prevent them from committing human rights abuses, but Tory MP Lee Anderson has accused them of being as ‘bad as the people smugglers’ because they are in effect ‘aiding and abetting’ the illegal gangs.

The migrants were brought into the Port of Dover this morning on Border Force vessel Typhoon

So far at least 991 people were confirmed to have cross the Channel in small boats between January 1 and January 28

These gangs raked in an eye-watering £183million from desperate migrants paying them to help them cross the channel last year, a report by the Labour Party suggests

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The opposition pledged to crack down on organised crime groups – and their money – as it published figures on the profits being made in the evil trade.

It suggested that, as the average charge for an illegal crossing by small boat is estimated by French police at £4,000, the gang’s earnings were £183million last year, based on the record 45,756 arrivals.  

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: ‘The Conservatives have allowed an entire multi-million-pound dangerous criminal industry to grow up along our border in the space of just three years.

‘Criminals are making big money from putting tens of thousands of lives at risk and making a mockery of UK border security.

‘Shockingly the Government has allowed the gangs to proliferate and their profits to soar.

‘These criminal smuggling and trafficking gangs cannot be allowed to get away with this.’

Ms Cooper said Labour had drawn up a plan which ‘hits hard at the heart of the criminal gangs’.

And if it wins the next general election, the party will set up a ‘new elite cell’ in the National Crime Agency.

The unit, with more than 100 officers, will ‘go after these smuggling gangs upstream’ in co-operation with French, German and Belgian authorities, the MP said.

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