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Migrants try to enter Spanish city in 2nd clash in 3 days

MADRID — More than 100 African men used grapples and threw stones at police as they tried to scale a high border fence and enter a tiny Spanish territory in North Africa in the middle of the night, authorities said Wednesday.

Two Spanish police officers were injured in the incident, which was the second attempt in three days by migrants from Sub-Saharan African countries to enter Melilla illegally, Spanish authorities said in a statement.

The large group also used poles and sticks in their concerted effort to reach Spanish soil, according to officials. They said Moroccan security units also helped fend of the assault.

Recently, cooperation between Spain and Morocco on migration has at times caused diplomatic tension between the countries.

Around 20 migrants made it into Melilla during the onslaught. They were being tested for COVID-19 infection at the local migrant processing center and were to remain in quarantine.

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