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Mom files $500B lawsuit over college admissions scandal

A single mom from California has filed a $500 billion class action lawsuit against the high-profile parents wrapped up in the nationwide college admissions scandal — including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Jennifer Kay Toy is asking for billions in damages from the 33 wealthy parents, claiming her son was denied a fair shot at entry to the elite institutions because of their actions, according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in San Francisco Superior Court.

Toy says her son Joshua, who is also named as a plaintiff, didn’t get into the schools where cheating allegedly took place even with a 4.2 grade point average.

The suit said he didn’t have a chance because wealthy parents “conspired with people in positions of power and authority at colleges in order to allow their children to gain access.”

“I’m now outraged and hurt because I feel that my son, my only child, was denied access to a college not because he failed to work and study hard enough but because wealthy individuals felt that it was OK to lie, cheat, steal and bribe their children’s way into a good college,” the Oakland public school teacher writes in the lawsuit.

Kay Toy says she and other plaintiffs, “simply wanted a fair chance for themselves or their children to go to a good college and that opportunity for a fair chance was stolen by the actions of Defendants… who feel that because they are wealthy they are allowed to lie, cheat and steal from others.”

In addition to the parents, her lawsuit also names college athletics officials who allegedly took part in the scheme and Mark Riddell, the Harvard alum who aced exams for teens.

Another lawsuit was filed by four college students Thursday against the schools wrapped up in the scandal.

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