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Moment college teacher grapples with student on campus

Moment college teacher grapples with student on campus before the pair crash onto the floor – in scenes which led to the pupil’s expulsion

  • The incident occurred in January at London South East Colleges’ Bromley site
  • The student has since been excluded and an internal investigation held

Video footage has emerged of a now-excluded student grappling with a teacher at a southeast London college as onlookers watch – before the teen tells him: ‘I’m a minor, are you dumb?’

The footage shows the teenager leaving a classroom at the Bromley Campus of academy trust London South East Colleges, before a ruckus erupts in the corridor.

The student appears to become aggressive towards the teacher before grabbing him around the neck and attempting to swing him round and to the floor.

The teacher grabs the student back and manages to stay on his feet before overpowering the teen and pinning him to the floor with one motion.

Those in the background of the video, thought to be other students, exclaimed in shock as the teacher pushed him to the floor.

The teacher, dressed in a green jumper, was initially grabbed around the neck by the student

The teenager involved in the incident has since been expelled, a spokesperson for the college told MailOnline

They could then be heard shouting: ‘Oi, grab him’. 

The teacher is seen lying on top of the student, seemingly in an attempt to prevent further violence. 

As the teacher takes his weight off the teen, the student tries to move away and aims a punch towards the man’s head.

He is then pinned to the floor a second time as the teacher stands and traps his legs to prevent him from moving. 

The teen then tells the teacher: ‘I’m a minor, are you dumb?’

The staff member steps back from the boy, who stands up, as voices on the video can be heard saying: ‘Leave him. Leave him. Don’t get sacked over it.’

The student gets to his feet and the pair appear to push one another a couple more times before a man who appears to be a second member of staff, who had been standing in the background of the fight for the entirety of the video, intervenes.

The video appears to have been taken on Snapchat and was posted with the caption: ‘Bromley College’ and ‘Teacher 1 Student 0’.

The pupil involved in the incident has since been excluded, a spokesperson for London South East Colleges said.

The teacher managed to overpower the student and push him to the floor

The teacher then lay on top of the teen, pinning him to the ground, as another man – thought to be a member of staff – watches on

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times after it was posted on Twitter on Wednesday

They added: ‘This incident took place several weeks ago (in January) at our Bromley Campus. Immediate action was taken at the time and the police were contacted.

‘This was not a fight. The safety and safeguarding of all students is our priority and our teachers are professionally trained to deal with such situations. 

‘We do not tolerate violence.

‘A thorough internal investigation has been carried out and procedures followed, resulting in the exclusion of the student involved. 

‘The staff member is being fully supported.’

After the footage began circulating online this week, viewers have been quick to commend the teacher for his actions. 

It has been watched on twitter more than 300,000 times. 

The Metropolitan Police are said to have been informed of the incident. MailOnline has contacted the force for more information.

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