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Moment Russia dropped world’s biggest bomb – 3000x more powerful than Hiroshima

Vladimir Putin’s terrifying discussionof escalating conflict in Ukraine and threatening the use of nuclear weapons has sparked memories of Russia’s use of the world’s biggest bomb.

The nightmarish recollection comes as Putin said in a broadcast that he had "lots of weapons to reply" to the alleged "nuclear blackmail" Russia was experiencing at the hands of the West.

Nothing speaks of Russia’s elite nuclear capabilities like the memory of thedropping of the infamous Tsar Bomba.

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Footage of the detonation of the Bomba off of the coast of Severny Island in the Russian Arctic was released in 2020, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the country’s nuclear production.

The footage was released by Russia’s nuclear weapons division ROSATOM, in a 40-minute commemorative documentary.

The apocalypse weapon was unleashed over the Arctic Ocean, on October 30, 1961.

It was 3,333 times more destructive than the weapon used on the Japanese city of Hiroshima which sparked the country’s surrender in WW2.

The detonation of the Bomba saw a huge mushroom cloud plume 42 miles into the air, towering above Mount Everest seven times over.

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The bomb weighed 27 tonnes and was eight metres long – the detonation itself was carried out some 4,000 feet above ground level.

The now-infamous footage sees the camera blinded by a white light, before coming back into focus with a huge mushroom cloud visible in the distance.

Had the detonation been done with conventional explosives it would have been as powerful as 50 million tonnes of TNT.

So big was the explosion the Tu-95V Soviet bomber that dropped the payload was still hit by the shockwave some 75 miles away.

Visibility of the blast reached 650 miles – around 50% further than the distance separating London and Edinburgh.

The grim reminder comes as Putin committed to stepping up his military's efforts in Ukraine, promising a return of "partial conscription" and fired warnings to the West that he would use "all means necessary" and was "not bluffing".

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