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Moment terrified dog is strung up between lift doors by its leash

Moment terrified dog is strung up between lift doors by its leash after owner pushes button for 16th floor without checking pooch is with her

  • Dog owner had returned to her block of flats in Moscow when incident occurred
  • She entered the lift and pressed button but her shih tzu dog was lagging behind
  • The dog was left dangling by its harness before a male resident set him loose 

A dog was yanked up between the doors of a high-rise elevator by its lead after its owner failed to spot the pet had not stepped inside with her.

CCTV footage showed the woman returning to the lobby of her block of flats in Moscow from walking the animal.

She got into the lift holding the lead, but the dog – believed to be a shih tzu – was lagging behind her.

Woman enters the elevator in her building in Moscow without realising that her dog is lagging behind 

Moment the dog’s leash goes taut after getting stuck in the elevator door and begins to pull the poor pup upwards

As she pushed the button to go up to the 16th floor, the doors closed and the pet was violently yanked up the outside of the elevator door’s as it ascended.

The dog’s head banged twice on the door frame of the lift before the animal was left dangling by its harness.

Luckily, another resident spotted the stricken creature and rushed to rescue and comfort the shaking dog.

It took agonising seconds to unclip the little animal, which the man then held to his chest.

Realised what happened the owner immediately returned in search of her pet.

Back on the ground floor, she rushed out of the lift to be reunited with her animal.

The owner has been reprimanded by social media commenters. 

In a video shared on Reddit, the dog, believed to be a shih tzu, can be seen dangling by its lead and harness after being hoisted up by its leash

‘Why not check that the dog is still with you?’ demanded one.

‘Poor dog, imagine how terrifying it must have been,’ said another.

‘She doesn’t deserve the dog after what happened.’

One more said: ‘My heart stopped when I saw the video.’

Many asked how she went up 16 floors ‘before noticing the dog wasn’t with her’.

The incident was in the River Park residential zone of Nagatinsky Zaton district in Moscow.

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