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Mum ‘entombed young daughter in concrete block and used her as bedside table’

Grim discoveries were made when a mum was found to have buried her five-year-old daughter in cement and used her as a bedside table.

Vanesa Alejandra Mansilla, 27, was arrested by police and accused of enclosing her own daughter inside of a concrete block that she then used as a furniture piece.

Officers found the body of the five-year-old Milagros inside of a wooden crate set in concrete, a disgusting discovery that revealed the youngster had died from a respiratory infection.

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It was after this infection that Mansilla is said to have entombed her daughter's body in a nylon bag, pushed inside of a wooden box and sealed in concrete.

The chilling discovery was made some months after Mansilla allegedly began using her concrete daughter as a bedside table.

Milagros was said to have been born prematurely and bedridden for most of her life, a slate of health issues keeping her in bed until she sadly passed away from a respiratory infection confirmed in a coroner's report.

Members of Mansilla's family claim that the mum-of-three preferred her other two children, aged seven and three, and alleged that the youngest of the three was often left in "unsanitary" conditions.

Police have launched an investigation into the death and subsequent concealment after a concerned complaint was submitted by Milagros' father in October.

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Mum Mansilla said to police that she had been "scared" following the death of her daughter and was unsure what she should do.

A police spokesperson said: "She used the box with the body as bedside table in her bedroom. She was a young girl who was born prematurely, who had multiple pre-existing conditions and had a tracheotomy and a nasogastric tube.

While the autopsy did confirm how the youngster had died, it was unable to confirm when she had passed away, The Sun reported.

Mansilla is currently being held in police custody as investigations into the horrifying death and concealment continue.

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