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Mum 'kills her twin seven-year-old daughters in murder-suicide gun rampage during custody battle'

A MUM fatally shot her sleeping twin seven-year-old daughters in a murder-suicide gun rampage following a custody battle with her ex.

Autopsy results confirmed that Michele Boudreau Deegan, 55, gave her girls "a large amount of sedatives" before killing them and herself, say cops in Sudden Valley, Washington.

The Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office said it is continuing to investigate the death of Michele and her two children Mairy Anneleise and Katie Elizabeth Deegan.

"As this tragedy has deeply impacted our community, the Sheriff’s Office is taking the unusual step of releasing new details on the investigation as it progresses," it added.

Last Saturday, a call was made to the cops about a landlord being found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, along with her two daughters.

Whatcom sheriffs said the office "has ruled out any involvement from Ms. Boudreau’s estranged husband in the incident.

"His whereabouts during the time line have all been accounted for and he has a strong alibi.

"Evidence at the scene clearly implicates Michele as the only suspect in the death of her two daughters, after which she subsequently took her own life.

"A handgun was recovered from the possession of Ms. Boudreau and was consistent with the murder of the children and her own death.

"Autopsy results confirm this as well as the fact that the children had been given a large amount of sedatives which probably rendered them incoherent at the time of the incident."


The office added that "evidence from the scene also indicates that Ms. Boudreau planned this event over the course of several days prior to the discovery of the bodies.

"She clearly stated her suicidal intentions and that she would never leave her daughters alone without her."

A court hearing on October 20, where joint custody was awarded to both Ms. Boudreau and her estranged husband, "appears to have been the precipitating event that led to her decision", the sheriffs confirmed.

On Saturday, October 24, at about 1.15pm, patrol deputies had responded to a welfare check at a home in Sudden Valley.

A roommate at the multi-level residence reported finding his landlord and her two children dead in an upstairs bedroom.

It's a real tragic situation.

CrimeOnline reported that Deegan was working as a licensed psychotherapist.

A Facebook profile that seemingly belonged to the mom reportedly appeared to show a “woman in crisis.”

Deegan is said to have shared two articles on Facebook the days before her death about narcissistic parents.

Neighbors told KIRO 7 the girls were rarely seen outside the house.

One source told the broadcaster that concerned neighbors had previously looked out for the girls, and had contacted child welfare officials.

Michele was described as very troubled, the source added.

Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo said: "It's a real tragic situation that we're still investigating, trying to get more information on what might have motivated someone to do something this horrific."


A pal wrote on Facebook that Michele "was a wonderful woman".

They alleged that "she had to have been trying (in an absolutely sick, unimaginably twisted way, obviously) to 'protect' the girls from a life with their dad without her.

"She was a kind and warm friend, bright and empathetic, a psychologist with a local practice that helped so many people, including me, and my daughter."

The friend also alleged that Michele was in a "horrific custody battle".

She added that Michele "had been bankrupted by litigation, right or wrong, she worried for her girls with their dad.

"This was a mental health tragedy, not a terrible person."

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