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Mum splashes £250k on massive derelict castle – without telling her husband

A brazen woman has given her husband quite the shock after splashing out a quarter of a million on a derelict castle.

The 32-year-old mum said her husband "wasn't too pleased" at the purchase which has set the woman back £250,000, but couldn't resist the regal property after she set her eyes on it for the first time.

Work is now underway on converting the property, proudly purchased by Nicole Rudder, who hopes to turn Garrion Tower near Wishaw into a wedding venue.

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An spontaneous bid saw the mum actually win the property, with Nicole convinced she can make something special of the abandoned castle built in 1484.

Nicole said: "I put the offer in without telling anyone and was shocked when I got the call to say it was mine. People think I’m mad but I knew when I saw it I could make this place something special again.

"This is my dream and hearing my two young daughters talk about mummy buying a castle was a real moment for me. I want my daughters to grow up knowing that girls can do anything they want and everything is possible with hard work."

The 19-room property was boarded up in 2008 and bought out by a London property developer who had initially wanted to turn the land into a housing development.

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But by 2018 the castle was in such disrepair that it was added to a risk register, with planning applications to tear down the castle rejected.

By 2020, the massive property was listed and receiving offers of over £600,000, although there was no interest from the potential buyers at the time.

The price, like the property, crumbled, and by November, Nicole had placed a bid of £250,000 which was accepted the following February.

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Speaking of her love for the building, Nicole said: "It’s a beautiful building and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. They just don’t make them like this any more.

"It has stood here empty and unloved for so long. My friend sent me the link as a joke and I laughed it off.

"But then I took a drive out to see it and the moment I saw it, I knew it was the one for me."

Consultations from contractors have shown the renovation of the castle will cost anywhere between £3million and £5million, but Nicole hopes she can open the castle's doors in 2024, GlasgowLive reported.


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