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My partner died when his drug driver pal killed him in a crash… it destroyed our lives – don’t make the same mistake | The Sun

A WOMAN whose partner died when his drug driver pal killed him in a crash has pleaded with others to not make the same mistake after it destroyed their lives.

Richard Jordan, 33, who was in the back seat of the car, tragically died after the collision on the A19 near Houghton-le-Spring.

The driver of the car, Richard’s work colleague Mark Thompson, was found to be over the drugs and alcohol limit and is currently serving six years and eight months in jail for causing his death.

Drug-fuelled Thompson lost control of his motor while recklessly speeding at more than 120mph.

Richard's partner, Carol King, found out she was pregnant with their second child just 11 days after burying him.

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Carol, 30, said: “I used to be the person who read about these tragic incidents. Then it happened to my family.

“People don’t realise at the time when under the influence of drink or drugs, all inhibitions and common sense go out of the window.

“Other road users, pedestrians, even your own passengers’ safety and your own doesn’t register and isn’t called in to question, the recklessness completely spirals.

“Before Richie passed I probably wouldn’t challenge somebody who had been drinking but you see it all the time, people pushing the boundaries.

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"‘I’ll just have a couple,’ ‘it’s only down the road,’ ‘I’ll be fine, it will only take five minutes.’

"Now I wouldn’t think twice about challenging someone I knew who’s over the limit.

“On the night Richie died that was precisely what happened. A number of decisions were made without thinking or being challenged."

Harrowing footage released by police shows the shocking moment the young dad was killed on August 4, 2019.

The video shows the speeding car colliding with another vehicle before it spins off the road and flips over.

Widow Carol has asked police to release the video in the hope it will dissuade other drivers from getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

She said: "It has destroyed the lives of so many people. One moment – getting behind the wheel under the influence of drink and drugs – and for what?"

“I’ve now got two young daughters, Quinn is four and Gray is two, who are yet to fully comprehend their loss and the enormity of what’s happened.

"The ripple effect of that night passed on to two young children to carry the burden of before their lives have even begun.”

On August 31 last year, Mark Thompson, 43, of Seaton Crescent, Seaham, pleaded guilty to causing Richard’s death by dangerous driving as well as causing serious injury to another passenger in the car.

The footage has been released to coincide with the start of a national drink and drug driving campaign which will run for the next fortnight.

Carol added: “Campaigns like this are so important and that’s why we wanted to release the footage now and hopefully stop others from making the same mistakes that were made that night.

“In the years since Richie’s death, we’ve all been trying to make sense of it – it must have been for something. There must be a positive or a lesson we can take from it.

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“So when you see someone who is considering jumping in the car under the influence, think of Richie.

"Think of my girls and remember the story you’re reading now – a story similar to ones I once read could be your own reality, as it is for me now.”

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