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New PM Liz Truss snubs hand shake with ‘face like thunder’ Rishi Sunak

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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss enjoyed few niceties following her victory in the Conservative leadership election.

Following the announcement, footage cut to Sunak watching his rival take to the stage to give her acceptance speech.

In it, he can be seen pulling a pained "grimacing" expression thinly masked to look happy while he claps slowly.

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People were also quick to point out that the pair didn't shake hands when the announcement came out, with Truss standing up and taking the stage right away.

People flagged that she didn't even make a glance towards her defeated rival, which one observer showed a "lack of grace".

She grabs her speech, which is held by an aid, gets up and with a big grin on her face heads straight for the stage.

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At no point does she appear to glance at Rishi, said to have a "face like thunder" by another social media commentator.

As she walks, Rishi can be seen standing up and doing a vigorous wide armed clap, his lips slightly pursed.

Reporter at the Jewish Chronicle Ben Bloch posted on Twitter: "Liz Truss blanked Rishi Sunak when the result was announced. No handshake."

Another user, @Caolanmcaree, said: "Liz Truss walking straight past Rishi Sunak without a handshake or a glance says everything you need to know about her"

But the drama doesn't stop there. Private Eye journalist Adam Macqueen posted on Twitter: "Sources telling me Rishi has reacted very badly to result backstage."

The jokes have predictably begun already, with users flocking to poke fun at the event.

One Twitter user, @TallBrownGent, was quick to make the joke many were expecting.

He likened it to the infamous Come Dine With Me ending where one contestant tells another they have "all the grace and decorum of a reversing dump truck".


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