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Nicola Bulley diver ‘won’t be fall guy’ despite pledging to find body ‘in hour’

The diver hired by Nicola Bulley’s family to locate her body has furiously hit back at his critics, saying he will not be “the fall guy” for the police.

Peter Faulding publicly told the world "she's not in there” after he and his team spent three days looking for her body alongside Lancashire Police in the River Wyre using sonar technology.

At the time, the former army reservist in the Parachute Regiment brazenly said: “If Nicola is in there, we will find her. If she’s there, our sonar will pick her up straight away."

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"We always locate within the hour. It’s that quick, it’s that good”, he added at the time.

Days after the body of the missing mum-of-two was found a mile downstream by police dogs, Peter has come out and admitted how annoyed he is at the flack he’s receiving for his failure to find her body.

He told The Sun: "I don't want to take the hammering, it's totally unfair.

"It's unfair for me to be the fall guy. I'm one man, the police are a massive organisation with huge resources.

"Our remit was to search the bottom of the river, not the reeds. The police also had a sonar scanner of their own.

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"Not only that, the police had officers walk along the riverbank every day and still they didn't find her.

"My intentions were good from day one. I did it for nothing and I didn't need the publicity”.

The 45-year-old mortgage broker was found on Monday by self-proclaimed spiritual medium Jason Rothwell, who said he used his "gifts" to lead him to her body in a patch of reeds on the River Wyre.

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Nicola went missing nearly a month ago when she went on a dog walk after she dropped her children off to school in the village of St. Michael’s.

Her phone was seen on a bench by the River Wyre connected to a Teams meeting call for work.

Her family’s dog, a springer spaniel called Willow, was seen near the bench.

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