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Nicola Bulley’s ‘incredibly heartbroken’ family ‘struggling’ after body found

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    Nicola Bulley's family say they are "incredibly heartbroken" following the tragic discovery of a body in the River Wyre.

    Lancaster police confirmed earlier today, that a body has been found close to where Nicola Bulley went missing.

    No formal identification has yet been given to the body, and police are unable to confirm the identity but are currently treating the death as "unexplained".

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    Investigators responded to reports of a body in the water at 11.36am on Sunday and are now working to establish whether the body is that of the missing mum, who was last seen on January 27.

    According to The Mirror, Ms Bulley's family have since reacted to the harrowing news, quoting them as describing their feelings as "incredibly heartbroken".

    This evening, Sky News correspondent Inzamam Rashid said: "I've been in contact with [Nicola's family on text message, and they are heartbroken by this significant development from Lancashire Police."

    He added that the family are "incredibly heartbroken" and will "really be struggling tonight."

    Earlier this evening, the Daily Star reported how dive specialist Peter Faulding of specialist search firm Specialist Group International (SGI) claims river's 'reed beds' stopped him from finding the body.

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    The 60-year-old and his team spent three days searching the river using high powered sonar technology but found no signs of a body.

    He said: "I know the area of the River Wyre where the body was found was full of reed beds and that may solve the riddle of where the body has been, as my sonar was searching along the river bed and we could not see her.

    "I know hand on heart that for those three days, my team, and for the three weeks the police were repeatedly searching up and down that river, we did all we could to find her.

    "But the complication of the tidal aspect of that area cannot be underestimated and you can never be 100% certain where a body will move to.”

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