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Nightmare for Putin as ANOTHER Russian colonel dead after Ukrainian river crossing ambush

Ukrainian military destroy Russian tanks using missiles

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Colonel Denis Kozlov, 40 was among Russian troops who were killed on May 11 in a failed advance across the Donets River at Bilohorivka after being ambushed by Ukrainian troops. He had only recently replaced Colonel Sergei Porokhnya, 45, who was killed in Ukraine on March 14. But Kozlov has now become the commander of the 12th Separate Guards Engineers of Keningsbersko-Gorodokskaya Red Banner Brigade to die in the war with Ukraine.

The Russian colonel was guiding a pontoon ferry across the river, west of the city of Lysychansk, in the Donbas region.

But he was killed after Ukrainian forces launched missile strikes on the area.

The latest disaster for Russia has been revealed by satellite images which show the remains of two pontoon bridges drifting in the Donets river.

This is seen surrounded by the ruins of destroyed tanks and armoured vehicles.

It is believed Russian commanders were trying to surround Lysychansk – and its sister city of Severodonetsk – with the crossing.

But they were outsmarted when Ukrainian forces correctly guessed their plan.

Twitter user “Maxim”, who claims to be a Ukrainian military engineer, said he identified the area where Russia was most-likely to try crossing the river on May 7.

He then informed his commanders they should listen out for tugboat engines pushing a pontoon bridge into place as a certain sign a crossing was close.

The social media user said early on May8, Russian forces smothered the river with smoke after burning nearby fields and throwing smoke grenades.

However, his commanders recognised the sound of boat engines and called in artillery strikes that ended up having a devastating impact.

Shortly after his death, Kozlov was decorated with the Russian Order of Courage, and laid to rest in his hometown of Murom.


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