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Noelle Reno's new man decade after lover 'killed by Russian mobster'

EMILY PRESCOTT: American marketing exec Noelle Reno is seen with new man – a decade after her property tycoon lover ‘was murdered by Russian mobster in London balcony fall’

  • Noelle Reno’s boyfriend Scot Young rumoured to have been killed by Russians
  • She was seen with developer Simon Lyons, who slapped one of UK’s richest men
  • READ MORE: Tycoon Scot Young ‘laundered dirty money for Russian gangsters’

Her former boyfriend – property tycoon Scot Young – was rumoured to have been murdered by a Russian mobster when he fell to his death aged 52 from the balcony of his Central London flat in 2014.

So I am glad to see Noelle Reno has put the past behind her and seems to be enjoying a new relationship.

American marketing executive Noelle, 39 – pictured below with Scot in 2014 – was spotted leaving London’s glitzy Dorchester hotel on the arm of property developer Simon Lyons last week.

Taking precaution against the unpredictable August weather, Noelle wrapped herself up in a black fur gilet and calf-length biker boots while Lyons sported a black baseball cap.

Lyons, 43, was found guilty of slapping Giles Mackay, one of Britain’s richest men, across the face in Mayfair’s MNKY HSE bar in 2018, receiving a £3,000 fine and a one-year restraining order. Let’s hope their futures look a little brighter!

American marketing executive Noelle Reno (right), 39 was spotted leaving London’s glitzy Dorchester hotel on the arm of property developer Simon Lyons (left) last week

American marketing executive Noelle, 39 – pictured in 2014 with boyfriend Scot Young, who was rumoured to have been murdered by a Russian mobster when he fell to his death aged 52 from the balcony of his Central London flat later that year

Noelle Reno pictured with boyfriend Scot Young in London in November 2014

Simon Lyons claimed he had lashed out because Giles Mackay had called him ‘a lying shyster Jew’.

READ MORE: Bankrupt tycoon Scot Young ‘laundered dirty money for Russian gangsters – including Putin critic Boris Berezovsky’ – before his death plunge onto railings outside London home 

But a judge ruled that the assault at the MNKY HSE bar was unprovoked. She found Lyons guilty of common assault.

CCTV showed the Canadian-born entrepreneur hitting Mr Mackay before he was pulled away by door staff at the venue popular with celebrities such as Kate Moss. Mr Mackay is seen kicking out to protect himself as Lyons tried to continue the attack.

It was claimed in 2020 that Noelle Reno’s former boyfriend Scot Young was the ‘go-to fixer’ for Vladimir Putin’s arch-enemy Boris Berezovsky and laundered the Russian oligarch’s cash before they both died in mysterious circumstances within a year of each other.

Mr Young, who was once worth up to £800million before going bankrupt, died after plunging onto railings below his £3million London penthouse in December 2014 after repeatedly warning police and friends that hitmen with links to Moscow wanted him dead.

A year after his fatal fall a coroner ruled that Scot’s death aged 52 could not be called suicide due to ‘insufficient evidence’ – but the Met concluded it was non-suspicious.

Investigative journalist Heidi Blake wrote book ‘From Russia with Blood’ claiming that Scot was in ‘huge danger’ for laundering cash for Berezovsky and his rich Russian friends who fled to Britain.

She also believed Scot made millions after he stumbled upon a tax loophole that allowed him to move money into Britain without punishment if he admitted to HMRC it was all raised from crimes carried out abroad.

Ms Blake told BBC Scotland at the time: ‘Scot fell in with a major organised crime group and began laundering money for them.

‘He became the go-to fixer for Berezovsky and his associates as they sought ways to stash their ill-gotten cash in an extraordinary array of luxury British properties, vehicles, private jets and helicopters.

‘He really helped Berezovsky splash his cash in the UK and pursued a whole range of highly risky property deals for Berezovsky in Russia itself.

‘So he exposed himself to huge danger as part of that role and ultimately he plunged from a window from his fourth-floor apartment in Marylebone, in London and was impaled on the spikes of a wrought iron fence underneath.

‘This after warning police and his friends and family for years that he was being targeted by Russian hitmen.’

Scot was part of a group of five friends — all of whom attained huge riches on deals they brokered — who all met sudden, violent deaths within four years of each other.  

They were property magnates Paul Castle and Robbie Curtis; ex-rock manager Johnny Elichaoff and Berezovsky, found dead at his Berkshire home in 2013 with a ligature round his neck. 

Mr Young had told friends he was worried someone was going to try to kill him because here was ‘a price on his head’.

He served eight months in prison in 2013 after a judge jailed him for contempt of court for failing to reveal the whereabouts of the £400million fortune that was at the centre of his seven-year divorce battle with his wife.  

Mr Young died after plunging onto railings below his £3million London penthouse in December 2014 (pictured)

Fall: Mr Young, pictured shortly before his death necking Krug Champagne, went bankrupt after he made his fortune ‘fixing’ deals for the super-rich but his wife says he hid huge sums of cash

Scot Young, picture with his American girlfriend Noelle Reno, was at the centre of one of Britain’s most acrimonious divorce cases, with his wife Michelle, before he died

Boris Berezovsky at the £20million Surrey mansion which he bought from Scot Young before he died

Dundee-born Scot made his riches in property and gambling on telecoms – but also reportedly made large sums working as a fixer for the super-rich. 

He himself lived a lavish lifestyle, riding around in luxury sports cars and wearing designer clothes.

He married Michelle Young in 1995 and had two children, Scarlet and Sasha, living in a 12-bedroom, 200-acre plot in Surrey.

Mrs Young had previously claimed that he was ‘worth a few billion at least’ and said her husband had hidden assets of more than £400million in offshore accounts.

Things started to go sour in 2006 and a protracted divorce battle ensued – with Scot agreeing to marry an American-born model.

But this never happened as, in 2014, he was found impaled on railings in Montagu Square, London.

The cause of his death has never been ascertained and an inquest in 2015 refused to label it as suicide.

In 2017 it was revealed that Scotland Yard had received a transcript of a phone call between Mr and Mrs Young that took place five weeks before his death.

In the call she said she had uncovered links between him and exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. But he warned her to stop investigating his contacts and his life was in danger.

Scot Young helped hide his £500million fortune from his wife ‘in a game of hide and concealment’ after instructing a Panama-based law firm, leaked documents suggested in 2016.

The British tycoon used Mossack Fonseca and other offshore businesses to stash his assets in Russia, the British Virgin Islands and Monaco.

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