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Nude Instagram model ‘helped break mum out of prison by distracting guard’

A Colombian Instagram influencer is facing jail time, after allegedly busting her mother out of prison by distracting the guard.

Aída Victoria Merlano, a 21-year-old model, is accused of playing a crucial role in helping her mum, a former politician, to climb out of a building using a rope, which Aída supposedly helped smuggle.

The model’s mother, Aída Merlano Rebolledo, managed to escape from prison just weeks after being convicted and sentenced to 15 years in a Bogota prison.

In 2019, Aída Merlano, then aged 38, became a senator but was quickly caught up by authorities who discovered evidence of voter fraud, corruption and illegal possession of weapons to her name.

While in prison, it is alleged that the former senator went to a dentist’s appointment located outside the penitentiary, accompanied by a prison guard and driver.

Vice reported that the prison guard had allowed Aída Merlano to go into the dentist’s check-up room alone and that they had stayed outside in the waiting area.

Trial evidence showed that the dentist went on to leave the felon to her own device in the examination room, which gave her enough time to bolt out "by tying a rope to a table and descending out the window".

Authorities revealed video footage from outside the building, which captured a hanging red cord as "stunned onlookers" observed Aída Merlano climbing down.

As bystanders watched the scene unfold in total confusion, the convicted politician went on to jump at the back of a motorcycle, which is alleged to have been driven by a man posing as a delivery driver before speeding off.

As her mother was on the run for three months, Aída Victoria monetised on the whole scandal, which had made international headlines.

The Instagram model earned the cover of a magazine, where she posed nude and handcuffed along with a tagline reading: "The Daughter of the Fugitive Congresswoman Confesses."

Nevertheless, Aída Merlano was finally caught in Venezuela, in January 2020.

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On Tuesday, Aída Victoria and the dentist both pleaded innocent when their trial began, however, they could both face long prison sentences if found guilty.

Aída Victoria has since said in a video on her Instagram: "Despite getting up every day knowing that I can go to jail for 21 years, I am happy because I have the conviction that happiness is a decision that one makes every day.

"Be happy today because you do not know what will happen tomorrow."

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