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OnlyFans star Lana Wolf’s Instagram disabled as she complains of fake accounts

A Rangers-obsessed OnlyFans star has said she is 'too hot' for Instagram after her account was disabled.

Lana Wolf, a 24-year old model from Glasgow, had a huge following on the app, which has become known for its X-rated feed and has now set up a second account in protest.

Speaking on Twitter after her account was taken down Lana exclaimed: "My main Insta has been disabled please now follow my second account and not the hundreds of fakes."

She then added: "My content was too hot for Instagram. I was too outspoken about my sexual escapades.

"All the lads should follow my new Instagram where the content will be even more X-rated."

The Daily Star has approached Instagram to find out the precise reason Lana's account was suspended.

Lana had previously revealed that her love life had been complicated by her adult work as many men don't always see her work in the same light she does.

She said as soon as guys "catch feelings" they all ask the same thing – for her to quit.

But she claims she could never be with anyone who tried to stop her from doing something that she loves, and expects them to fully support her career choice.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun Online, Lana said: "Guys say when they meet me they are okay with the porn thing but when they catch feels they try to make me stop.

"But it’s my dream job and I love it and I can’t be with someone who wants me to stop doing what I love and doesn’t support me."

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While acceptance of sex work and support for the body positivity movement around it is growing, Lana believes there is still a lot of negativity directed at content creators like her.

She added: "Although it seems everyone and their dog has an OnlyFans now and it seems more accepted, I personally still get a lot of hate for my job."

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