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Our picturesque seaside town doesn't have a McDonald's, Greggs or Wetherspoons – we're not happy about missing out | The Sun

RESIDENTS of a seaside town say they are missing out because there isn’t a McDonald’s, Greggs or Wetherspoons.

The harbour town of St Peter Port in Guernsey is full of pretty streets lined with independent shops but not a whiff of a chain fast food outlet like Burger King or Domino’s.

In fact, it’s not just the town it’s the whole 24 square mile Channel Island, located in the English Channel between Devon and France.

Anyone wanting to load up on fast food or sink a cheap pint from a chain outlet which are pretty much any British high street has to either take a short plane ride or get in a boat.

St Peter Port has managed to retain its charm with its cobbled streets lined with bunting and is a big attraction with tourists who also come for the unspoilt coastlines and rural villages.

But anyone wanting a quick pit stop and pick up a burger and fries at a McDonald’s has a problem on their hands.

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Local teenager Archie, 19, has to satisfy his cravings for fast food when he visits the neighbouring island of Jersey.

He told the Daily Star: "I crave it, there's other places but nothing as fast.

“My whole life I've lived here we have Jersey obviously nearby, they have KFC and McDonald's so when we go over we definitely pop in and have some food.

“It's not often. It's a bit healthier without it but I would have it here, not going to lie."

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However, not everyone wants the fast food chains to move into the island and pub general manager Amanda Roberts thinks it’s a good thing.

The boss of the Thomas De La Rue boozer said: "It's more beneficial for us not to have McDonald's, I might pick one up when we go home back to Liverpool, we might have a little McDonald's then but no.

"I think the kids miss it obviously but generally it's a good thing not to have those fast food chains.

"Definitely for the health side of things, for the kids to keep them eating a little bit healthier food and not going to McDonald's every other day and grabbing burgers and fries."

She added: "We're not competing against Wetherspoons but I don't think that the State of Guernsey would ever allow a Wetherspoons to come into the island to be honest.

"We're part of a group anyway, our group is here Jersey, and the South West of England. It's a big company but I think they like to keep them more independent than the big chains coming in having to undercut other businesses."

A spokesman for VisitGuernsey said: “We pride ourselves on the many restaurants, cafes and kiosks here being family owned and run making each one unique and welcoming.

“Local producers have flourished in recent years as we look to source more home grown food and drink, reducing the food miles.

“Our seafood is the freshest it can be, often caught in the morning and on the plate by lunch time.

"Our dairy produces the richest cream, milk and ice cream. We have local beers, ciders & gin to name a few and we have ‘hedge veg’ honesty boxes filled with locally grown vegetables.

“It’s not just fast, it’s fresh and better than ever before.”

Earlier this month, concerned mums and dads hit out at McDonald's, saying they didn't want a third outlet of the chain in their small seaside town.

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