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PALINDROME is something which reads the same forwards as it does backwards – for example, words like “civic”, “radar” and “kayak”.

Dates and numbers can also be a palindrome – here's everything you need to know.

What is a palindrome?

A palindrome is when a word, date or phrase reads exactly the same forwards as it does backwards.

For example, the name “Hannah” reads the same when in reverse.

Sometimes, whole phrases can be a palindrome, such as: "Was it a rat I saw?"

The longest palindromic word in the Oxford English Dictionary is “tattarrattat”, which was written by James Joyce in his 1922 book Ulysses, and imitated the sound of someone knocking on a door.

Just like words, some dates are also palindromic.

The date February 22, 2022, for example, is a palindrome in the US and the UK when written as 22/2/22, or 2/22/22.

This is because whether you write it as day/month/year or month/day/year, the numbers remain the same.

It's not often that dates are palindromic in the US and the UK due to the difference in order, but it also occurred on February 2, 2022, written as 2/2/22 in both nations.

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Palindromic words

Most palindromes are everyday words:

  • Civic
  • Kayak
  • Level
  • Minim
  • Radar
  • Rotator
  • Solos
  • Stats
  • Tenet

What are the dates?

There are 60 palindromic dates in this millennium for the UK.

The first was on 10 February 2001, written as 10/02/2001, and the last will be on 29 December 2192, written as 29/12/2192.

The next time a date will be palindromic for both UK and US is not anytime soon –  March 3, 3030 – 03/03/3030.

In the dd-mm-yyyy format, there are 29 palindrome days in the 21st century

Here are the palindrome dates in the dd/mm/yyyy format yet to come:

  • 03/02/2030
  • 13/02/2031
  • 23/02/2032
  • 04/02/2040
  • 14/02/2041
  • 24/02/2042
  • 05/02/2050
  • 15/02/2051
  • 25/02/2052
  • 06/02/2060
  • 16/02/2061
  • 26/02/2062
  • 07/02/2070
  • 17/02/2071
  • 27/03/2072
  • 08/02/2080
  • 18/02/2081
  • 28/02/2082
  • 29/02/2092

This last date is significant as it's not only a palindrome but a leap day – February 29.

What does palindrome mean?

The word comes from the Greek word "palin", which means "again", and "dromos", which means "direction".

People have been celebrating the unique day across social media.

On Twitter, #palindrome is trending, with people excited about the special meaning of the date.

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