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Parents from St. Michael’s College to hear from administration at town hall amid assault investigation

WARNING: This story contains disturbing content.

Parents of students at St. Michael’s College have been invited to attended one of two town hall meetings Friday.

The meetings are being held in the wake of an assault investigation at the all-boys private school in Toronto.

The investigation began Wednesday after media alerted Toronto police to a video that appeared to show a group of teens attempting to sodomize another boy with a broomstick. The video was allegedly shot inside a school washroom.

Police issued a statement Wednesday evening saying the video content “meets the definition of child pornography.”

“Anyone who has this video is in possession of child pornography. The video must be deleted immediately and cannot be shared with anyone,” the statement said.

Officers from 13 Division and the Child & Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) are conducting the investigation into the alleged assault.

That incident follows another video police were informed of, by the school principal, on Monday. In that online video, a boy can be seen being slapped around and dunked in what appears to be a sink.

Global News has learned that the videos have led to at least nine students being expelled.

On Thursday afternoon a threat was made against St Michael’s, increasing the presence of police at the school. St. Michael’s also issued a statement saying they have added security on campus for the “foreseeable future.”

On Friday, police remained on site.

A student, who wished to remain anonymous, told Global News Thursday morning that St. Michael’s was a “good school” but that he no longer felt safe there.

“I don’t feel safe at this school. If there’s help, I really need help because this might happen to me or some other of my friends, and I just don’t feel comfortable with this happening,” he said, adding his parents were scared, as well.

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A family lawyer who went to St. Michael’s as a teen, John Schuman, told Global News on Thursday that he’s had cases in recent years, as well as in the current year, about bullying at the school.

Schuman said he wasn’t surprised that the alleged incidents took place but rather he was surprised that word of the situation “got out.”

“I heard about the same sort of stuff from other students in relation to sports teams but involving food items, and sausages, and other sorts of same type of thing.”

The lawyer said the school culture at St. Michael’s might be a “bit strong.”

Parents have the chance to hear from administration at 2 p.m. or 6 p.m.

The school is known for its athletic programs. Alumni include hockey greats Frank Mahovlich, Dave Keon and Tim Horton. Track star and Olympic hopeful Justyn Knight also attended the school.

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