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Pawfect control! Dog shows off his skateboarding skills

Pawfect control! Dog shows off his skateboarding skills as he swerves to avoid colliding head-on with boy

  • Rush the dog shows off his skateboarding skills in this video filmed in Vasto, Italy
  • The skateboarding pooch balances perfectly in near miss with skateboarder 
  • His owner Marco Spadaccini taught him to ride and now posts videos of them  

This is the moment a skateboarding dog shows off just how skilled he is as he slickly changes course to avoid a collision.

The Australian Shepherd, who has been taught to skateboard by his owner Marco Spadaccini, was filmed taking evasive action at a skatepark in Vasto, Italy.

Mr Spadaccini, a keen skateboarder himself, taught the Australian Shepherd how to ride, and shares videos of them riding their boards at skate parks and along roads and pavements.

The video, recorded on May 11, shows a child and Rush headed for a collision course as they both skate towards each other. 

But, in a quick last-minute manoeuvre, the clever canine swerves out of the way to avoid the crash. 

The pair skim by each other, and Rush races on towards the camera. 

The video shows how Rush uses a back leg to propel the board forward, keeping his other three paws firmly on the board to balance. 

Mr Spadaccini has been teaching Rush to ride the skateboard for nine months. He posts videos on his Facebook showing the dog’s latest achievements.

Sharing a video, he said: ‘Rush is a dog that was terrified of skateboarding, and first skateboarding for the first time in August 2020.’

He is also teaching another dog, called Will, to skateboard and says he is rivalling Rush’s skills.   

The video was filmed in Vasto, Italy earlier this month

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