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Peppa Pig called out by London Fire Brigade for sexism

Fans hit back after London Fire Brigade blasts Peppa Pig on Twitter using outdated term ‘firemen’ instead of fighters in episode about Mummy Pig

  • The London Fire Brigade slammed Peppa Pig for using ‘out of date stereotypes’ 
  • The LFB called out the cartoon pig on Twitter for saying ‘firemen’ not firefighters 
  • Many people on social media said the LFB had gone too far in its condemnation
  • The episode features Peppa’s mother Mummy Pig helping out at the fire station  
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Fire chiefs have accused Peppa Pig of sexism after referring to firefighters as ‘firemen’ – though fans aren’t convinced.

The London Fire Brigade ignited a Twitter storm after they posted the offending cartoon clip and slammed its use of outdated stereotypes.

However, the post has attracted a flurry of sarcastic responses as many accuse them of being overly sensitive.

In a furious rant, the LFB wrote: ‘Come on @peppapig, we’ve not been firemen for 30 years.

The London Fire Brigade have accused Peppa Pig of sexism after referring to firefighters as ‘firemen’

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The episode in question was called The Fire Engine and featured Ms Rabbit’s venture into fire fighting

‘You have a huge influence on kids & using out of date stereotypical gender specific wording prevents young girls from becoming firefighters.

‘Join our #Firefightingsexism campaign.’

However, the post may have been slightly premature – given the episode features Mummy Pig helping out at the fire station. 

The LFB tweeted that gender stereotyping ‘prevents young girls from becoming firefighters’

The #Firefightingsexism campaign by the LFB aims to fight gender stereotypes around fire fighting 

Despite the initial ‘fireman’ slip-up, the episode later sees the female character take control of the entire fire station.

The LFB has now been accused of overt political correctness, as many flocked to ridicule the post.

One tongue-in-cheek reply from chingfordjim read: ‘It’s a cartoon with a make believe pig.’

And said: ‘While we’re at it, why isn’t peppa LGBTQIwhatever? We demanded…er…something!’

Some people on Twitter stood up for the cartoon, saying character Ms Rabbit was a feminist icon

Razor-sharp DubzLF joked: ‘Pssst don’t tell Postman Pat*’

While Zeebad replied: ‘Is it Postfighter Pat now? I can’t keep up.’

Others hailed cartoon character Ms Rabbit as a feminist icon.

Devoted fan The Other Nelson tweeted: ‘You have never watched the show properly.

‘Ms Rabbit does nearly everything in the show, shop owner, helicopter pilot, rescue, you name it!

The British cartoon first aired in 2004 and is shown in almost 200 territories across the globe  

‘Give her a break, let someone handle the fire duties.

Similarly, Is-It-Friday-Yet? Noted: ‘You’re taking gender role notes from a cartoon show where the father of the family is a bumbling fool who is psychologically abused and humiliated by his wife?’

Nevertheless, some commenters applauded the LFB for calling out the episode.

Reaction on Twitter was mixed to the LFB’s tweet, with one saying ‘we don’t need young girls becoming firefighters’ 

Anne wrote: ‘I normally stay away from twitter but am loving your replies £breathoffreshair #respect #firefighter #FirefightingSexism’

And LFB employee Ricky Nuttall vehemently replied: ‘I’m a Firefighter thank you very much!!!!’

Peppa Pig is a 15-year-old children’s cartoon which is broadcast across the world.

It has attracted a cult following from kids and parents alike who regularly tune in to watch the adventures of Peppa, George and Miss Rabbit. 

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