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Peter Falconio’s mum tells of pain as cops deny his remains have been found

The mum of murdered Brit Peter Falconio has been left devastated after police and authorities denied his remains had been found 22 years after his death.

Sources claimed bones were discovered near Alice Springs in the Australian outback, but the cops have denied any remains were found.

The mother of Peter Falconio, who was travelling with his girlfriend Joanne Lees when he was murdered by Bradley Murdoch, says she feels hope anytime she hears news of her son, whose remains were never found.

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However, dreams of his recovery were quickly dashed as Northern Territory Police denied any findings.

Peter’s mum, Joan, 75, from Hepworth, West Yorkshire, told the Sun: “It’s been so many years and we have had our hopes raised so many times that we never really expect to get closure.

"It’s difficult for us when this happens. We’ll never give up hope Peter will be found.”

Peter was murdered while backpacking around Australia.

Murdoch was jailed for 28 years after he was convicted of killing Peter and trying to abduct Joanne in June 2021.

The criminal pulled their VW camper van to the side of the road and pretended their was a fault. He then coaxed Peter out to have a look at the fake mechanical fault in the middle of the night.

Murdoch then pulled out a gun and shot him dead in the Outback, before tying up his terrified girlfriend and stuffing her in the back of his Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up.

However, she managed to escape and fled into the bush, hiding while Murdoch hunted for her before he gave up and fled with her boyfriend’s body.

Peter’s body was never found or recovered after the incident, leaving his devastated family unable to get full closure.

After 22 years, his mother still feels hope that she one day may recover Peter with him being found. Any mention of this possibility creates great feelings of hope for the family.

Northern Territory Police said the reports that Peter's remains had been found are "factually incorrect" and a search is "not currently being conducted".

Assistant Commissioner Michael White said in a statement: "Northern Territory Police would like to advise the public that speculating on the identity on any missing person causes unwarranted grief and trauma to the family and friends."

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