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Philip Hammond and Jacob Rees-Mogg join Tory revolt over tax rise for social care

EX-Chancellor Philip Hammond and Cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg have joined the growing Tory revolt on social care funding.

Boris Johnson faces a barrage of flak from all sides, with Labour yesterday coming out to oppose his plans to raise National Insurance rates.

The PM’s proposals for raising billions of pounds break his own vote-winning 2019 manifesto promise not to hike taxes.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will also face the wrath of party colleagues tonight at a 1922 Committee meeting.

Lord Hammond, who battled a fiery rebellion when he tried to increase National Insurance for the self- employed, said it was wrong to target working families and leave pensioners paying nothing.

He warned he would vote it down in the House of Lords. Mr Rees-Mogg broke ranks to warn Mr Johnson he risked losing the next election if he pressed on with the plan.

The Commons leader quoted how George Bush Snr had promised in 1988 on his way to being US President: “Read my lips: no new taxes.”

When he later broke this promise, he lost to Bill Clinton in 1992.

Mr Rees-Mogg added: “Voters remembered these words after President Bush had forgotten them.”

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy stopped short of endorsing the plan but insisted “those with broader shoulders should take some of the burden” rather than hitting supermarket workers and delivery drivers.

The PM, Chancellor and Health Secretary last night agreed the first steps towards the new settlement.

Today, Mr Johnson will reveal £5.5billion in extra cash for the NHS to tackle a growing backlog of cases.

But health bosses say they need at least another £10billion a year to stop waiting lists spiralling out of control and avoid cuts to services.

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