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Photo of toad lurking among rocks baffles the internet

Can YOU spot the toad lurking among the rocks in this pond?

  • There is a toad hidden in the image below, which once spotted will have you wondering how it was you didn’t see the slimy amphibian in front of your face

Believe it or not, there is a toad in this picture. 

Can you spot it?

While some toads are brightly colored, this one is a master of camouflage, tucked among the rocks and hidden further from predators by the reflection of foliage on the surface of the pond water.  

Believe it or not, there is a toad hidden in plain sight in this photograph. Can you spot it?

Did you find the toad? No?

Here is a hint: the toad is under the water.

Still no toad? 

Another hint: the toad is hidden beneath a reflection.

No toad, still?

OK, the toad is located almost at the dead center of the image, nestled alongside the large grey rock and beneath the right-most leaf reflection.

Here, the toad is circled below. It’s visible from the side, an angle which makes it particularly resemble a pebble among rocks.

The toad is circled in red. It is hidden beneath the water, and beneath a reflection from above

A closer view of the toad. It is viewed from the side, making it look particularly like a rock

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