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Police enforcing lockdown rules stop man on walk to check his coffee cup

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A police officer has been slammed for executing "Nazi" and "North Korea" style tactics when video emerged of him checking on a resident's coffee cup.

The video came as Australia implied strict Covid measures to check if residents followed social distancing rules.

In a Twitter post shared on Friday, a man is stopped by an on-duty police officer who asks to check if his coffee cup is empty.

"Do you just mind if I check is there's actually anything in it?" the male officer asks and takes the coffee cup with his gloved hand.

When the officer shakes the cup and finds it contains coffee, he hands it back to the citizen and waves him on.

The man replies: "Thank you. Jesus loves you all. God bless." Another officer gives him a thumbs up and walks away.

Many viewers were fed up by the police's actions as they questioned the purpose of checking the cup.

One asked: "Why does it matter if there's coffee or not?"

Another wrote: "Desperate to make criminals from good citizens."

"What motivates these people? They live in Australia!! Not North Korea? What kind of a world do they want to live in?" a third blasted.

Some likened the police authority to the German Nazis, claiming: "There’s no law or CHO direction that gives them the power to do that."

A Victoria Police Media spokesman told "We don’t make the rules. The rules are on the Department of Health website.

"We can’t comment on each incident. Each individual incident will be judged on its merits."

Lockdown restrictions in Victoria will change on Friday (October 22), when the state is set to reach a 70% vaccination rate.

In metropolitan Melbourne, curfew will end and there will be no more travel limits.

There will no longer be only six reasons people can leave their homes and the hospitality sector will reopen.

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