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Police officers chase PIGS off the road causing traffic jam

Traffic ham! Police dashcam footage captures bizarre moment officers chase PIGS off the road

  • Staffordshire Police responded to reports of a sow and six piglets on the road
  • The officers had to chase the animals off the A5190 as they were causing traffic
  • The pigs were returned to a nearby farm after a breakout of 15 earlier that day
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Police dashcam captured the bizarre moment they were called to a traffic jam caused by runaway pigs.

The sow and her six piglets sparked traffic chaos when they were spotted trotting along a main road at night.

Police dashed to the A5190 in Staffordshire after reports of pigs on the road.

Staffordshire Police were called after reports of six pigs on the loose on the A5190 causing traffic jams

Footage shows officers chasing the animals as they weaved their way between oncoming traffic at 10.30pm on Thursday.

The pigs were eventually returned to a nearby farm after a mass breakout of 15 pigs earlier in the day.

Special Chief Inspector Sam Rollinson said: ‘The call came in from members of the public to say there was a mother and piglets in the middle of the road and traffic had come to a standstill.

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‘We put the car in the middle of the road to stop people going past and the pigs wandered back up the road, underneath a gate, and into a field.

‘I was glad because I’ve got no training in pig wrangling.

‘As specials, we get involved with all aspects of policing but this is one of these things that makes no two shifts the same.

The mother pig and six piglets were returned to a nearby farm after there was a breakout earlier that day of 15 pigs

‘We were met by cheers from the public who were quite amused.’

Staffordshire Police have dealt with horses, sheep, goats, swans and now pigs this year alone. 

Since the footage was posted online it has gone viral with the clip being viewed and shared more than 10,000 times.

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