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Police want to hire members of public to burn 1,000 pounds of WEED

Police need help to incinerate evidence they hold, including papers, cassette tapes, bulk marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and other controlled substances.

But, there’s a catch – this doesn’t mean anyone can pick up a brick of weed and burn it in their back garden.

The Drug Enforcement Agency in Houston say anyone associated with the incineration will have to be drug tested and have their background checked.

They will also put up CCTV to watch the drugs and make sure nothing happens to the drugs before incineration.

While the agency is looking for someone to burn the drugs in Houston, they are also looking to work with people in Galveston, Beaumont, McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, San Antonio, Austin and Waco.

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