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Primark shoppers are flogging their Disney Dumbo finds on eBay for double the price

THE MUCH anticipated remake of the classic hit Dumbo has officially landed in cinemas, and to celebrate Primark launched an adorable array of products inspired by the cartoon elephant.

And Disney fans were quick to snap up the bargain range of beauty products, interiors and clothing when it hit stores last month with nothing priced over £20.

However, the once budget range is now being flogged on eBay for up to double its original price – despite much of it still being in stock.

There are no less than 666 listings for the range on the auction site with the highest priced lot being a bundle priced at £69.99.

One of the most popular listings from the range is the reversible Dumbo duvet cover which was originally priced at £14 for a single, £18 for a double and £20 for a king set.

But those appearing on the auction site are going for double the price with a king set priced at £40 currently with 14 watchers.

The baby range has also proven popular among bidders with mums prepared to pay over the odds for Disney themed merchandise for their little ones.

A dungaree set originally priced at £9 is now fetching £14.99 on the site, with the seller having a total of eight available.

But despite selling two already, the dungarees are in fact still available to buy in store having been advertised at the originally price on Primark’s website.



The same goes for a fleece baby blanket, advertised at £6 on the official retailers website but currently being flogged for £11.99 on eBay, where it has attracted nine watchers.

The auctions are likely to be the work of so-called ‘fashion flippers’ who buy popular items in bulk and then sell them on at hugely inflated prices.

Primark teamed up with Disney to design the whole new range of must-have products – and you better get your credit card ready as the range includes 62 items in total.

The collection, designed for children and adults alike, includes everything from the cutest kidswear, adorable accessories and kitsch kitchenware.

Dumbo will be the first in a slew of Disney live-action releases next year after the successes of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast.

The original Dumbo was released back in 1941 and was awarded the Oscar for best scoring of a musical picture.

The cast includes the likes of Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito and former Bond girl Eva Green.
Elsewhere first pictures show inside the world’s biggest Primark, including the Disney café and T-shirt printing station.

And they've even launched Friends-inspired duvet covers, blankets AND pyjamas.

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