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Prince Philip’s secret passion was ‘beautiful’ paintings he’d never talk about

The late Duke of Edinburgh’s secret passion has been revealed to decorate the walls of the palace.

Prince Philip's creative side is on display through his love of watercolour paintings, according to Princess Eugenie.

The princess was speaking about the Duke on a new BBC documentary – Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers.

Both her and Prince Philip shared a passion for art but it was not until she was 16 that she realised his creative passion.

She said: “We would be walking down the corridors and I'd see paintings he's done of Scotland or different places in Norfolk.

"They are beautiful."

The only time Prince Philip shared his paintings with the public was through a book in 2010 called The Royal Portrait Image and Impact.

One of the paintings in the collection was from a moment in 1965, titled The Queen at Breakfast, Windsor Castle.

The Queen is seen enjoying breakfast as she reads a newspaper while listening to a nearby radio.

As reported by, author Jennifer Scott, assistant curator of paintings at the Royal Collection, previously said: “I think generally people don’t know that the Duke of Edinburgh paints, it's quite a private pursuit.

“I think it’s a really good painting, it’s a got a real quality to it – it seems such a private moment, the Queen sitting having her breakfast, she could be anybody.”

Princess Eugenie also revealed that her late grandfather’s creativity was not confined to the canvas but he helped design parts of the grounds of Windsor Castle.

She said: "I didn't know that grandpa designed the garden and also the lotus flower in the middle of the fountain.

"He does have that creative gene in him, it's just he doesn't talk about it."

Princess Eugenie was pleased to have been able to introduce her new baby boy, August, to the Duke before he passed away.

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August was born four week before Prince Philip passed on April 9.

She said: “We named August, August Philip because grandpa had been such a huge, inspiring character in my life.

"I brought little August to come and meet him and told him that we'd named him after him and it was such a lovely moment.

"We were very lucky to do that."

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