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Prince William and Kate Middleton are banned from signing autographs for fans

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The list of rules that must be abided by all members of the royal family is a lengthy one, with even things like how to walk down the stairs boasting official guidelines.

Though in recent years we have seen some royals, particularly the younger ones, break official protocol, there are some things that are just unacceptable for even the most high-ranking royals.

One of these absolute no-go areas is accepting gifts from the public; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not only forbidden from accepting the gifts of well-meaning members of the public, they also cannot sign autographs for fans.

Though Prince William and Kate Middleton have millions of adoring fans who go to great lengths just to catch a glimpse of the pair let alone secure an autograph, signing things is banned for security reasons.

Prince Charles has often been heard telling members of the public ‘Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that' when asked for a signature while out on official visits.

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However, even the future King fell foul of the rules once before. Following a visit to St Blazey after the Cornish seaside town had suffered devastating downpours, Charles heard the moving story of a couple whose home had been badly damaged, they eventually asked the Prince for an autograph on behalf of their son.

Official royal photographer Paul Williams was a witness to this scene and said: "As everyone knows Royal protocol means that the Queen and Prince Charles never give autographs. They may sign visitors books or official documents, but autographs never.

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"Charles astounded his protection squad and asked them to find him some paper, which they did. Then with a detective holding a file for him to rest on, he whipped out his Royal Parker pen and scribbled ‘CHARLEY 2010’ on it.

"They’ve gone from the depths of despair losing all of their belongings just before Christmas to having a Royal visit and obtaining an unheard of souvenir."

The ban on signing autographs is thought to be to prevent forgery on behalf of the royals.

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