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Pub hosts world gravy wrestling championships

Just a typical British Bank Holiday weekend! Pub hosts world gravy wrestling championships, players wade through water for a game of river football in the Cotswolds, and swimmers take the plunge for a spot of bog snorkelling

  • World gravy wrestling championships saw people battle in 2,000 litres of sauce
  • Monday also saw the return of the annual football match in the River Windrush 

Hundreds of revellers descended on a pub garden today to watch the ‘world gravy wrestling championships’.

The international competition, named one of the top ten weirdest ‘sports’, saw 16 men and eight women battle in the sauce-soaked ring.

Around 2,000 litres of gravy are used at the event, held annually at the Rose ‘N’ Bowl pub in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Competitors, who wear fancy dress, aim to win the championship title by beating their opponent during a two-minute long wrestling match in the brown condiment.

The final winners of the tournament will be decided by a panel of four experienced judges, who will decide the winner on their wrestling skills and fancy dress costume.

The World gravy wrestling championships took place on Monday in a garden at the Rose ‘n’ Bowl pub in Rossendale, Lancashire

Hundreds watched on as 16 competitors did battle in around 2,000 litres of gravy

The international competition has been named as one of the world’s top ten weirdest ‘sports’

Ant McGinley, who competed as ‘the Champ’, taking part in the Championships

The unusual event first started in 2007 and featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2019

Incredible pictures from the competition show the wrestlers jumping on top of each other, while they slowly get more covered in gravy.

Another photo shows one man with his feet in the air, as he is being wrestled to the ground by his gravy-soaked opponent.

Two women have also been pictured wrestling and rolling around in the gravy, while hundreds of onlookers watch the chaos and take pictures.

The hilarious event started in 2007 and was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2019.

The pubs aims to raise money for East Lancashire Hospice but the wrestlers can also raise funds for their own chosen charity.

Monday also saw the return of the annual traditional River Windrush football match in Bourton-in-the-Water, Gloucestershire.

The long-standing tradition sees goalposts placed into the shallow waters of the river, with the two sides – who are both part of Bourton Rovers Football Club – playing a 30-minute game.

People compete in the annual River Windrush football match in Bourton-in-the-water, Gloucestershire

The event sees goalposts placed into shallow waters for a 30-minute game

Players fight to retain possession of the ball on the uncoventional ‘pitch’

Both sides are part of the Bourton Rovers Football Club, with one team wearing orange and yellow kit while the others wore a royal blue strip

Right from the start of the match, the footballers battled it out to gain possession of the ball and seemed to make a splash with crowds, who looked on excitedly.

One team wore bright orange tops with yellow shorts while the other donned a royal blue kit.

Players got stuck into the action quickly, with many running through the river to help team-mates and others trying to tackle their opponents to inch closer to the goal.

One player was seen pushing two opponents out of the way as he tried to make a beeline for the net.

In one particularly grizzly moment, a group of players were seen trying to get their foot on the ball at the side of the unconventional pitch as some took pictures and others stared with anticipation.

A man wearing a dress and wig also made an appearance on the wet ‘pitch’, pointing towards something in the distance as one player looked at him with confusion and another hung his head in his hands.

Swimmers compete at the annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales

The annual event at Waen Rhydd peat bog in Llanwrtyd Wells sees snorkellers race to complete two consecutive lengths of a trench cut through the bog

A competitor donning snorkels, diving mask and flippers in the cold water

In Wales, the Bank Holiday saw swimmers compete in the annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships, which take place at Waen Rhydd peat bog in Llanwrtyd Wells.

Competitors try to complete two consecutive lengths of a 60-yards water-filled trench cut through a peat bog as fast as possible.

The hardy athletes slid into the cold water while donning snorkels, diving mask and flippers as well as their ‘game faces’.

One person even carried a plastic toad on their head for the race, with another sporting a flowery dress and a pink swim cap.

Another two competitors went in fancy dress as Barbie boxes at the event, which was sponsored by Rude Health.

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