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Pub-mad Brit says ‘world record-setting’ bar crawl is ‘hardest thing he’s done’

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One pub-loving Brit believes he has set a new world record for drinking in most pubs in 24 hours – but now faces an agonising wait to have the achievement confirmed.

Pub fan Matt Ellis set off on a huge challenge to have a drink in as many pubs as possible around Cambridgeshire.

Matt, from St Neots, managed to drink a combination of diet coke, orange juice, beer, wine, soda water and more as he visited 51 pubs.

“It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done,” Matt, 48, told the Daily Star.

“The time issue was not a problem but just the amount of liquid you need to drink was the challenge. We had a break for lunch but I just could not eat anything after drinking. We had a combination of drinks. Apple juice, orange juice, beer, wine and lots of soda water.

"I was not uncomfortable but I was going to the loo quite a lot throughout the night. I definitely won't be doing it again that is for sure."

Matt, who runs a local wine merchants, carefully planned the quickest possible route by taking a few dry – and a few wet – runs.

He also contacted every single pub he was planning to visit to make sure they were happy with him completing the challenge on their premises.

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Matt started the 24-hour crawl on Sunday in Cambridge's The Regal and ended at The Weeping Ash in St Neots on Monday.

The challenge meant Matt had to consume 125ml of any drink at each stop.

He was continuously filmed via a GoPro throughout the challenge to prove he visited the establishment, bought a drink and drank the contents in order to be officially verified by Guinness World Records.

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Two independent witnesses were also required and even staff at the pubs had to verify he had drunk the whole drink at each stop.

Matt added: “The challenge was originally going to be a team effort to try and challenge a record in New York where a group of people managed to visit 250.

“When covid happened this was put on. Pubs and restaurants have all had a tough 18 months and I thought this challenge might help to encourage people to get down to their local.”

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Although there is currently no holder for the most pubs visited by an individual, Matt hopes his submission to Guinness World Records will see him being handed the title.

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