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Putin begins equipping Belarussian fighter jets with nukes in new development

Vladimir Putin has approved the move to start equipping Belarusian fighter jets with the ability to hold nuclear weapons in an alarming development.

The update has sparked fears that the crazed leader will want to ramp up the conflict against war-torn Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the Belarusian SU-27 jets yesterday ( Saturday, October 15), reports Express.

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It comes just after Putin told reporters that Russia will not "set ourselves the task of destroying Ukraine."

Konstantin Vorontsov, the deputy head of the Russian delegation at the UN"s First Committee on Disarmament and International Security, also said Russia is transferring dual-equipped Iskander-M systems to Belarus.

The Iskander is a mobile short-range ballistic missile that can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads up to 700kg.

The Russian official commented: "At this stage, we are talking only about the transfer of dual-equipped Iskander-M systems with missiles in conventional equipment to the Republic of Belarus, as well as giving some of the Belarusian Su-25 aircraft the technical capability to carry nuclear weapons."

The Daily Star recently reported that NATO is set to launch its annual military drills next week.

The exercise will see up to 60 aircrafts, including some of the most advanced fighter jets and U.S. B-52 long-range bombers, fly above Britain, Belgium and the North Sea.

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The exercise, named Steadfast Noon, will involve 14 countries and will take place in Belgium from Monday ( October 17) to Sunday ( October 30 ).

The alliance said that the military drills aims to ensure the nuclear deterrent "remains safe, secure and effective."

It comes after Putin warned there would be a "global catastrophe" if there are any direct clashes with his country.

But despite the threat, the alliance confirmed that Steadfast Noon is not "linked to any current world events."

No live weapons will be used as part of the practice, said NATO.

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