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Putin in free fall as Russian war support dropping – ‘danger of riots’

Ukraine: Gallyamov warns of 'riots' against Putin

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Vladimir Putin is poised to face an uphill to mobilise new Russian troops on the battlefield, as he struggle to motivate his forces, his former speechwriter, Abbas Gallyamov, warned on CNN’s Amanpour. He said Putin has dwindling support for the war in Ukraine. Considering Putin’s option for mass national drafting for the war in Ukraine, Mr Gallyamov said: “You know, all the options that he has are all bad for him.”

Mr Gallyamov argued that support for the war is “purely theoritical” and declaring a national draft could backfire on the Russian President. 

Given how Ukrainian troops are making significant advances, he said: “If they [Russians] didn’t want to go to war at the moment when they thought it was going to be a quick blitzkrieg, definitely they are not going to do it now.

“So, if Putin starts making this national draft, he really faces the danger of riots.”

If Putin moves ahead with the national draft, Mr Gallyamov says it remains unclear if “the real new forces….will be fighting Ukrainians or riots, which will overthrow him.

“So, this is a better option, like [peace] negotiations, definitely they’re ready for this now. 

“But who’s going to negotiate with them? This is a problem. Zelensky refuses.”

“So, to start negotiations, he should really find a successor.

“I think the next thing, which is going to happen in Russian politics within the next several months, maybe half a year, is that the elites will start looking for a successor. 

“And so the political process will be going around this figure.”

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Putin has faced pressure in the last few days, with deputies calling for his resignation after the Russian troops’ humilating retreat from Ukraine. 

In a massive blow to the Kreml, Ukrainian President Volodymyr announceed Ukrainian troops have retaken 2,300 squares miles of Russian-occupied territory – four times the size of Greater London – in a succeessful counteroffensive in the northeast and south of the country.

According to the latest daily intelligence bulletin by the British Defence Ministry, “Some [Russian] units retreated in relatively good order and under control, while other fled in apparent panic” amid Ukrainian attacks.

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