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Putin ‘wants to buy time’ with hopes that Winter will end…

Putin wants to ‘buy time’ with retreat says Alexey Muraviev

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Strategic policy expert Prof Alexey Muraviev suggested Vladimir Putin’s is to drain Western countries “militarily and emotionally.” The Curtin University academic claimed that Putin wanted the West to be limited when it came to supplying Ukraine with weapons supplies. Prof Muraviev argued the Russian leader could be hoping for the winter to shift the West’s focus into supporting their own citizens through an energy shortage rather than on providing Kyiv with military aid.

Prof Muraviev told Sky News Australia: “I mean Putin is driving… Putin’s strategy in fighting this war is very clear.

“He wants to buy time, he wants to drain Ukraine, he wants to drain the West.

“He wants to drain the West militarily because there are growing problems with how much it can continue to supply Ukraine.

“Quite a few Western militaries are facing the reality that they need to start replenishing their arsenal.

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Prof Muraviev added: “Because he wants to drain the West, not so much economically but emotionally.

“The war syndrome will start taking term, Winter is coming in Europe and then the Europeans will start to be preoccupied with trying to keep themselves warm.

“And with power rather than thinking of Ukraine, and obviously the elections are coming in Russia in 2024.

“The elections are coming in the United States in 2024, also in Ukraine, so 2024 will be a symbolic year.”

Russia is 'running out of its own precision weapons' says expert

Ukraine is known to experience rather harsh winters, with grounds often freezing over and temperatures reaching well below zero – conditions that would make both Russian aggression and Ukrainian counter-offensives difficult to push forward.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has maintained his country will not stop defending itself and will continue to advance until all Ukrainian territory, including Crimea, is liberated.

But Putin is unlikely to budge on returning the annexed area despite suffering a series of unprecedented attacks on his troops, including the partial destruction of the Kerch Bridge in October.

Defence expert Robert Fox claimed that Russia is running out of long-range precision missiles, and maybe possibly seeking a new deal with Iran for more supplies.

Mr Fox told GB News: “This is what makes it very difficult, it is a war of precision weapons.”

“And we know… We’ve had from a defence briefing that Russia is running out of its own precision weapons.

“And is now seeking medium long-range missiles from Iran.”

Moscow has denied purchasing weapons from Tehran but Ukrainian defence forces have reportedly captured a series of unmanned drones that appear to have been manufactured in Iran.

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