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Putin’s conscript-catchers lurk on streets and raid offices to snare men for war

Desperate Vladimir Putin has ordered terrifying raids from conscript-catchers who pillage Moscow and St Petersburg in search of soldiers to send to Ukraine.

Cops and enlistment officers are waiting on street corners and lurk next to blocks of flats to find fresh troops to order to fight on the frontline.

The situation is reportedly so dire that officials have even raided offices looking for men they can mobilise.

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Facial recognition software has been used to ensure anyone dodging the draft is called up to battle.

One person fumed: “They are acting like dog catchers. It’s sickening how they are dragging men away as cannon fodder.”

In Polyustrovo Park residential complex, St Petersburg men of the mobilisation age were trapped near the entrance for summonses to be served.

In Moscow, there was a mass delivery of summonses at underground stations, reported Ostorozhno News.

Eyewitnesses said police officers interview men, take their personal details, then serve some of them with summonses with others snatched in police cars.

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Pavel Chikov, prominent lawyer and human rights activist, warned of “increasing reports of raids”.

“There are cases of summonses being served on the street, citizens being detained by the police in the subway and hotels, and their forced delivery to military enlistment offices or mobilisation points,” he said.

“This practice is illegal.”

It comes despite a promise that just 1% of the male population would be sent to Putin’s war.

“Police officers walk around the floors and take men of military age,” reported a source of The Village online media.

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“In the morning there was one paddy wagon, it was filled. A second was brought. They took our administrator and other men who were on the first floor.”

Reservists are vulnerable for mobilisation to the lower ranks up to the age of 35, while junior officers can be called up to the age of 50 and senior officers can be drafted up to 55.

The conscript-catching raids contradict claims in Russia that the first wave of mobilisation is over and no second wave has begun.

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