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Putin’s potential nuclear bomb will ‘melt your brain and smell like rotten eggs’

Nuclear warfare is bad enough, but one expert has said the smell of the potential nuclear fallout will "smell like rotten eggs and melt your brain".

Worries over the potential for nuclear blasts have aired once more following the stern warning from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The despot warned the country would use "all means necessary" and had "lots of weapons to reply" to Western powers worried over the invasion of Ukraine.

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Leading experts have since revealed that nuclear weapons in the Black Sea region could trigger a poisonous toxic gas cloud, with one outlet reporting the smell would be that of "rotten eggs".

Hydrogen sulphide within the Black Sea would mean a nuclear warhead dropped there could provide radioactive tsunamis, as Daily Star reported.

But it isn't just the worryingly high tide that is cause for concern, but the toxins that would be spread should a blast hit the area.

The gaseous hydrogen sulphide, which smells similar to that of rotten eggs, is toxic to humans and animals should it be inhaled in high doses.

It is so toxic in fact that it can lead to the inability to breathe, the rotting of the brain and even death in some cases, with a nuclear bomb a spark that could throw out these worrying toxins.

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Professor of Phsyics at the University of Bucharest Viorel Badescu said a nuclear bomb in the Black Sea would be disastrous, as it would launch a toxic cloud of gas and a colossal tsunami.

Speaking on the disastrous consequences, Badescu said: "First, the initial water cavity constitutes the source for a tsunami wave.

"Second, the [gas] expelled into the atmosphere – which is denser than air – 'falls' with a lower speed than the falling water and finally creates a gaseous 'cloud' or 'blanket' on the sea surface."

Such a "blanket" of toxic gas would be devastating to humans, depending on the "place of the explosion, its magnitude and wind speed and direction", GreekReporter reported.

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