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Putin’s warlord pal declares ‘Jihad on western satanists’ in homophobic rant

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen warlord helping Vladimir Putin's faltering invasion of Ukraine, has declared a "Jihad" against the West in a bizarre homophobic rant online.

The leader of the Chechen Republic, a primarily Islamic republic that is now part of Russia following the Second Chechen War, also said he would "burn" captured Ukrainians alive.

Kadyrov's post was translated and shared by the @wartranslated Twitter account.

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In it, the warlord accuses his enemies of wanting to "break our Motherland into pieces, humiliate, trample it in the dirt and [in the] end, defile our faith and culture".

He then says that the West are satanists.

Kadyrov writes: "I use the word 'Satanism' for a reason. Indeed, there, in the West, Satanism is openly acting against Russia.

"Satanic democracy is when the rights of atheists are protected, but believers are offended."

His rant then takes a strange, homophobic turn as he accuses the West of stealing babies from straight couples and giving them to gay couples.

He continues: "Or when traditional couples are deprived of children and transferred to same-sex families. Intentionally same-sex, not by chance.

"And in Europe they swallowed it. They consider it modern, civilised. The more liberated the 'below the belt' topic is, the better for them.

"I'd rather fight its embryo there than let this abomination envelop our Motherland here."

Calling on all the people of the Caucasus, Kadyrov goes on to say Putin "needs" their help fighting Ukraine.

"All self-respecting Muslims will not look for excuses," he says.

"Wallah, this is Jihad!

"And our Chechen commanders decided not to defend themselves, but only attack. Destroy these shaitans [demons], wherever they are and no matter how well they hide."

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In a seperate video, also translated and shared by @wartranslated on Twitter, Kadyrov turned his attention to Ukrainians.

He is heard saying: "We won't be taking these demons into capture. We'll be burning them.

"We won't stop anywhere. It's our territory."


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