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Recovering drug addict Hunter Biden 'broke sober streak' when he rented luxury LA mansion for party weeks ago

HUNTER Biden rented a pricey Los Angeles mansion for a party and allegedly “broke his sober streak” after fighting with his new wife weeks ago, according to a new report.

Joe Biden’s son apparently rented the $2,300-per-night home last month after disappearing from the home he shares with his wife, Melissa, and their seven-month-old baby. reported on Monday, citing sources close to the couple, that Hunter and Melissa, 34, got into an argument – which led to him renting out the massive mansion. 

Hunter’s personal attorney, George Mesires, did not immediately return The Sun’s request for comment about the report, but told the Mail: “The story is completely untrue.”

The Democratic presidential nominee’s son is currently embroiled in a scandal after a supposed copy of his personal hard drive was leaked to the New York Post.

The hard drive is said to have contained personal photos, text messages, and emails – some of which allegedly link Hunter to murky business dealings involving foreign countries.

The Post reported that the hard drive contained had sex and drug photos and videos involving Hunter. 

Biden has said the laptop scandal is a smear tactic against his campaign and his family, claiming that Rudy Giuliani – who gave the hard drive to the Post – was fed “Russian disinformation.”

But Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the intelligence community does not believe the ordeal stems from Russian operatives.

Giuliani said Delaware computer repairman John Paul McIsaac gave Hunter's alleged device to the FBI and made copies of the hard drive after he said Hunter refused to pick the computer up.

It supposedly contained emails detailing Hunter's Ukrainian dealings while he was on the board of an energy firm Burisma and his dad was vice president.

It was reported over the weekend that alleged videos and pictures of Hunter "engaging in sex acts" were posted on a Chinese website linked to ex-Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

Hunter is a recovering drug addict – something he’s been open about.

According to the Mail, Hunter and Melissa fought in September – around the time the Post reporting about the hard drive’s contents – and Hunter allegedly went on a days-long bender.

A source said: “With the coronavirus restrictions and the fact Joe Biden's team had asked Hunter to stay under the radar as much as possible Melissa and Hunter were pretty much confined to their home.”

“They have been arguing a lot and then they had this huge explosive argument about a month ago and Hunter stormed off, he vanished for a few days saying he needed some space.

“They're both very hot-headed but this argument seemed worse than usual and Melissa was left to care for their baby by herself,” the source continued. “She didn't know where he went.”

“When he came back Hunter was a mess, he was in a bad place and she was furious with him for leaving.”

Another source told that Hunter “rented a mansion in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of the Pacific Palisades for a blowout, as well as booking a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in the city.”

The mansion boasts 10,000 square feet and is reportedly listed on Airbnb for $2,349 a night. 

When Hunter returned last month, a source said he and Melissa “had another huge row and Melissa threatened to take their child back to South Africa.”

“She begged him to go to rehab and to speak to their therapist, he had relapsed and she wanted him to seek help.

“Melissa was calling friends crying, she was very very upset. She was reaching out for help because she didn't know what to do.”

The 34-year-old allegedly said it was “difficult it was to be married to someone who has an addictive personality.”

“She is constantly worried about him, and believes it's not a matter of if with him, but a matter of when he falls off the wagon.”

Now, however, Hunter is said to have been doing “much better” since the reported LA party. 

“Everything has calmed down, they both love each other and are trying to sort things out, I think with the stress of the lockdown and the stress of Hunter constantly being in the spotlight with the election around the corner, things just came to a head.”

Hunter married Melissa in May 2019 – apparently after the two knew each other for 10 days.

"I instantly fell in love with her,” Hunter previously told ABC News of the South African activist and documentary filmmaker. “And then I've fallen in love with her more every day.”

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