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Rescuers desperately try to smash frozen lake after disoriented diver loses way

This is the heart-stopping moment a free diver gets disorientated while swimming in a frozen lake as his desperate colleagues try to smash the ice to get him out before he drowns.

Slovak athlete Boris Oravec, 31, was taking part in the 20-metre under-ice swim when he became disorientated and began to desperately search for a way out.

He shared the clip on his social media pages including Instagram, where it has been viewed nearly 250,000 times, and TikTok.

The under-ice swim was filmed at a frozen lake in the area of Vysoke Tatry in the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia.

In the video, Oravec is seen readying himself at the entrance to the under-ice route before taking a big gulp of air and gliding under the ice.

He reaches the exit point, where several colleagues are standing on the ice, but apparently loses his sense of direction and faces the wrong way.

The assistants try to point him in the right direction and one man even launches his body at the ice in an attempt to break through it.

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But after some tense moments, the under-ice swimmer manages to find the safety rope and pulls himself back to where he had started.

In another clip, Oravec, who is also a CrossFit athlete and ice hockey player, takes part in a second attempt at the dive, this time completing it without further incident.

The clip was accompanied by a warning for others not to try it, as Oravec is a professional.

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