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Royal drama as Queen strips Prince’s titles leaving him ‘sad and confused’

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Prince Nikolai of Denmark has been left ‘sad, shocked and confused’ after his Nan, Queen Margrethe, announced she was nabbing his titles.

The 23-year-old prince is, along with his siblings, having the titles stripped ‘for his own good’ and because it will be ‘good for them in the future.’

His stripping will see him unable to use His Royal Highness ahead of his name, leaving the press office of mum, Countess Alexandra's, to raise the point that the removal of the words could have waited until the siblings’ wedding days, when they would “lose their titles anyway”.

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Speaking to Danish newspaperExtrabladet, Nikolai said: “My whole family and I are of course very sad. We are, as my parents have also stated, in shock at this decision and at how quickly it has actually gone.

“I am very confused as to why it has to happen like this,” he added, speaking outside of his apartment in Copenhagen.

The eldest son of Prince Joachim, who lives there with his girlfriend, has had his mother speak out on his behalf.

Countess Alexandra, who is also the mother of Prince Felix, 20, said she was “very sad” and “shocked”.

Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen, press secretary to Countess Alexandra toldCNN: “She can't believe why and why now, because there's no good reason.”

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“They would lose their titles anyway when they get married one day. Her sons are young men so maybe they might get married in the near future so why shouldn't it wait until that day so that the titles would disappear on a happy day?”

The Danish Royal Family have since taken a swing back at some of the claims surrounding the stripping, however.

Rumours had been swirling that the four children of Prince Joachim had only been given five days’ notice there were about to become mere not-You Royal Highnesses.

They said that despite there being a “a lot of emotions” the move to get rid of the titles had been a “long time coming”.

Joachim – Queen Margarethe’s youngest of two – said his kids had been “harmed” by the news.

Speaking about Nikolai, Felix, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10, losing them he said: “We are all very sad. It's never fun to see your children being harmed. They are been put in a situation they do not understand”.

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