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Russian helicopter savaged in brutal Ukrainian attack – VIDEO

Ukraine military strike Russian helicopter

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Anti-aircraft weapons operated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces have downed a Russian military helicopter in a high-precision attack. The helicopter is reported to have plummeted to the ground in the Donetsk Oblast of the Donbas region, in the east of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has released footage of the incident which comes as the Kremlin forces are suffering a crisis of military supplies.

In the video clip, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter is seen hovering low to the ground close to the village of Berestove. 

Unbeknownst to the pilot, the aircraft is being monitored by Ukrainian forces, who respond quickly to the looming threat of Russian attack.

A single missile is launched towards the helicopter, which is stuck on the left side and begins to rapidly spiral off course as flames engulf the cockpit.

The Kremlin helicopter descends towards the field below, crashing in a fiery heap on the ground and flipping upside down as thick black smoke rises from the aircraft.

The Russian Mi-8 is a Soviet model aircraft originally introduced to Moscow’s military in the 1960s.

Alongside the more modern Mi-17 model, the Mi-8 helicopter comprises the vast majority of the Kremlin’s air force.

The Mi-8 is predominantly used as a transport helicopter as the aircraft is fitted to carry up to 24 fully-equipped troops. However, the helicopter is also fitted for use as a gunship.

Independent defence analyst Oryx has confirmed Russia has lost 57 helicopters since the invasion of Ukraine began. Of these losses, 13 are understood to be Mi-8 helicopters.

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The video was shared by the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

With the post shared on Halloween, a caption added: “A short tutorial from the Ukrainian Army on how to turn a Russian Mi-8 into a flaming Jack-o-lantern.”

Release of the Ukrainian attack footage has coincided with reports of a drastic shortage of military resources within the Kremlin’s armed forces.

Besides weapons, Moscow’s military are reported to be suffering from a critical lack of armoured vehicles, uniforms, rations and medical supplies.

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A report from the UK Ministry of Defence has captured the gravity of the situation for Russian battalions.

The intelligence report claimed the several thousand newly mobilised reservists deployed to Ukraine are “poorly equipped” and some troops had arrived on the frontline “without weapons”.

Of the mobilised reservists that have been provided weapons, many have been armed with AKM, which were first introduced in 1959. The UK Ministry of Defence suggested the weapons were likely in “barely usable condition” as a consequence of “poor storage”.

A separate intelligence report added that the Russian helicopter fleet had suffered “particular attrition” from man-portable air defence systems used by the Ukrainian troops. As a result, the report concluded that the Kremlin was “still failing to maintain adequate air superiority” and had resorted to poorly coordinated “high-risk attack helicopter missions”.

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