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Russian pundits rattled over fears of potential anti-Putin uprising

Russian pundit warns of potential for uprising in the country

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A Russian talk show guest has warned of a potential revolt in Russia and compared the country’s current state to the run-up to the 1917 revolution which toppled the Tzar. The pundit told fellow panellists on state tv that the Russian public needed to be prepared for a “long and difficult” war over Ukraine and warned that during World War I in 1916 the Tsar had mistakenly thought that public support for the conflict was endless. 

The pundit said: “In August of 1914, Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov also thought it was endless. He thought the war would end by Christmas.

“Everybody thought so, not one world war started as a world war.

“Everybody thought it would end quickly, by Christmas.

“They will march on Paris, we will march on Berlin.”

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He added: “They’re already preparing their society for a long war.

“A long difficult war that they intend to win. We should start preparing our society for a long difficult war.

“Not for a victory march, not for quick victories but precisely for a long difficult war.”

It comes after Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov flew into an angry rant over the Russian army’s failure to prevent reported shelling on the border town of Belgorod.

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Solovyov told Russia1: “I’m sorry, I truly don’t get it.

“I don’t get why the hell there are regular strikes at Belgorod, including an American rocket that was taken down yesterday.

“I don’t get it, if we need to move the border, so they couldn’t shell Belgorod you have 300 thousand people, I’m talking about conscripts.”

“Listen this is a danger in our country, our Russian city of Belgorod is under shelling.”

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He continued: “Move the hell the border 200km!

“If you can’t move the border, throw a flame inferno at them! So there wouldn’t be any capability to fire from anywhere.

“I’m sorry but I’ll say this – I don’t give a damn about the fate of Ukrainian cities.

“I’m worried about the fate of Belgorod, Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, Melitopol. Our Russian cities. Why are we playing games with them?”

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