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Sadly it's become taboo for white people to speak about skin colour

IT is very common in black families to have discussions about what skin tone their child will be born with.

These conversations are more likely to take place among mixed- race couples, because the child could be completely white, completely black or somewhere in between.

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I have a cousin who is about as mixed race as me and he has a white partner – one of their children is brown and one is white.

It is no different to couples speculating on the gender of their child. It is not racist for anyone in the family to bring this up.

Sadly, it has become taboo for white people to speak about a person’s skin colour.

I believe that Prince Harry has been indoctrinated in critical race theory mentality, because during the interview with Oprah Winfrey he says: “I didn’t know about this stuff,” and that he tried to educate his brother and father.

That is typical of the kind of statement you will hear from people with that group mentality.

In the critical race theory ideology it is assumed by default that a white person is racist when they try to address the issue of race.

If anyone would have raised the issue of the race of the baby around Meghan or Harry the couple would have assumed it was racist.

Intent and context do not come into play any more. For me, racism is a prejudice towards someone on the basis of their race, not merely a discussion of their race.

People are afraid of having a conversation about race because they are afraid of being called racist. It is natural that the colour of the skin of Harry and Meghan’s baby will be a topic of interest within the Royal Family because there has not been a brown-skinned baby in the British Royal Family before.

To not discuss it would be strange, in my opinion. There might have been concerns about whether Harry and Meghan’s child would receive racist abuse on social media, for example.

It would be wrong, though, to dismiss the idea that there have been examples of racism within the Royal Family.

Prince Harry himself wore a Nazi uniform and apologised after using the P-word for a colleague in the Army.

But I don’t believe that the Royal Family is racist as an institution.

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