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Savory Cookies to Whet the Appetite

In a way, Anna Harrington was one of the lucky ones. When Pilotworks, a chain of incubator kitchens, suddenly closed last month, it left 175 small food producers in New York and elsewhere without professional kitchen space. Ms. Harrington, who makes savory and sweet cookies called the Rounds, was scheduled to begin working at Pilotworks in Brooklyn, but it closed two days before she was going to start. She found a different commercial kitchen. “I am in much better shape than the producers who have been in there for a long time and have to move all of their things on very short notice,” she said. “The only nice thing about a crisis such as the current Pilotworks situation is how much people are willing and happy to help each other.” Ms. Harrington’s savory cookies are buttery, appetite-whetting and delicious, perfect for holiday entertaining in flavors like parmesan-olive, Cheddar-chive and anchovy-scallion.

The Rounds, $35 per box of 45,

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Florence Fabricant is a food and wine writer. She writes the weekly Front Burner and Off the Menu columns, as well as the Pairings column, which appears alongside the monthly wine reviews. She has also written 12 cookbooks.

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